Jeff & Sharon Interview

IMG_3359Q: How long have you been sailing and how many Regatta’s have you participated in?

Jeff: I have been sailing for 41 years and racing since I was 13; sailing for another 3 before that. I have been the PRO for two world championships and have competed in one. Sharon and I were the co-chairs for another and we have participated in world championships of all different classes. Sharon got sucked into sailboat racing when she married me but also raced before.

Q: Is this the first Regatta you have organized? What made you want to chair such a project?

J: This is not our first! We have run many events over the years and wanted to be able to showcase EYC – we are thankful for the opportunity that the J80’s chose EYC and really wanted to show the world it’s potential.

S: Santa Maria was one of our favorites because you built on it every year. We got the event at Eastport Yacht Club and then ultimately the World Championships over a 15 year period.

Q: What kind of turn out is expected? Is there a certain event during the week your are most looking forward to?

J: Wednesday will be our favorite! We get a chance to highlight what we love about the area we live in. With the lay day, the sailors can really have fun and take full advantage of Annapolis and EYC

Q: What do you hope to showcase about Annapolis?

J: Going out on the water and actually see Annapolis, like a Cocktail cruise. People never seem to see Annapolis this way. It’s great to get on the water not just to race. So many sailors roll into the town and race hard and come home and go straight to bed. They never get to see what it looks like and with the lay day, we hope they will take advantage of this.

S: I particularly like Davis Pub and the Boatyard Bar and Grill.

J & S: We also want to say that we are excited to have a world class race committee set up so on the water! It will be as great as on shore – this team has been working together for five years and working together getting events together. It will be an amazing week!