Registration is now open!

Bow numbers, slip assignments and haul-out order will be made based on the order in which you registered!  Registration fee goes up by $100 if you register after May 31, 2014. 

Boat and sail measurement will be available several times in Annapolis prior to the Worlds.  In order miss the crowded lines to measure your boats in the days leading up to the Championship, we are encouraging registered boats to schedule measurement appointments on selected days that will be well in advance of the Regatta.  These selected measurement dates will be determined prior to March 1st.  Once the measurement dates are determined, we will have a separate registration to schedule time slots to get your boat measurement completed in order to save time as you arrive into town so you can get into the water quicker without waiting in lines.  Keep in mind that in order to register to get your boat measured, you must be registered in the regatta.

Click here for registration!